In 2012, I started my own company, Machinedrops (before Lidells Lydstudie), composing music for commercials, documentaries and recording audio books. Among others I have worked with Gyldendal, TDC, CIEL, Copenhagen University, HAN Kjøbenhavn, Kopenhagen Fur and Startup Spirits. Through my Machinedrops Label I provide music distribution with collaborators from Denmark (Rillbar, DUP), Germany (Digital Believe, IMAGEM, Colossal) and Italy (mARTeLive & mARTeLabel).


I'm a composer, songwriter and producer behind the title track of the Netflix Series SKAM italia and the duo Teenage Love. I have more than 20 music releases behind me as well as compositions for film, tv-series, games, radio and podcasts.

I'm also chair in the organisation for danish composers and songwriters, DJBFA
Vice-chair in the danish CMO, KODA
Boardmember of The International Council of Music Creators (CIAM)

As a person, I am efficient, professional, innovative and I value trust as my highest virtue. I always seeks new ways of challenging myself and mainstream music, based on a knowledge of and respect for traditions. I have an academic background through studies of Literature and Philosophy at University of Copenhagen (2008-15).

Copenhagen, Frederiksberg

Anna Lidell

Tel: (+45) 21858701



Anna Lidell

Tel: (+45) 21858701

anna (@) lidell.dk

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