97% of the world's biggest brands believe that sound can improve the impact of their brand, but only 8 % act on it. But customers already percieve a brand through (unintended) sounds like music in advertising like ‘please hold the line’ music ect.


Machinedrops Productions will provide stragic and professional use of sound identity for all platforms and situations, where a brand can be ’heard’. As a performing musician, a producer and an academic, I’m using my knowledge and experience from all fields when creating a sound identity.


In 2012, I started Machinedrops Productions, where I compose music for commercials and documentaries. I also record audio books. Among others, I have worked with Gyldendal, TDC, Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, University of Copenhagen, HAN Kjøbenhavn, Kopenhagen Fur and Startup Spirits. See cases.

C L I E N T  F E E D B A C K

"In connection with the launch of our online Entrepreneurship games - Startup Spirits - we needed a recognizable and unique sound identity that could run on multiple platforms: web-site, smart phones, radio spots, etc. From start to final delivery, I can only provide the best recommendations of Anna, since we got what we desired: a very recognizable and unique sound profile, which fully supports the gaming universe that we have created. "

Frank A. Mathiasen, senior project manager, Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab

"In Gyldendal Education, we have made ​​good use of Anna and her recording studio. She is efficient and friendly and it is a great advantage that Anna can handle both recording of speak, sound effects and compose music for the specific task, since it facilitates the workflow significantly. "

Lise Skjerbæk, Editor of Gyldendal Education


Soundtrack by machinedrops productions

Soundtrack by machinedrops productions

Full soundtrack composition and production

Full soundtrack composition and production on this intetactive documentary, Flux.

Sound identity by machinedrops productions

SKIS-project is a collaboration between Nikolaj Kunsthal and Folehaven. Machinedrops develops the music through workshops with young guys from Folehaven. The artist Tina Enghoff is key manager of the project. Watch the two most recent films to the left.

Full soundtrack composition and production

Video production and songwriting

by machinedrops productions

Soundtrack production

composition of sound identity

Video and sound composing

by machinedrops productions

Song written and recorded by marstal:lidell (machinedrops productions) on request from the NGO organization SistaEnable.

Machinedrops Productions has recorded speak for the Danish publishing house Gyldendal. For online teaching material in; English, German and Danish, Machinedrops has recorded several books, solved web tasks and produced photostories. Listen to a sample of some of the books by clicking the banners on the left.

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