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The band LUKKIF explores Scandinavian folk music with electronic beats, building on the clash of contrasts to create a new musical experience. Lukkif is already nominated for Danish Music Awards' Best Live Act 2015, playing several shows like Spot Festival (DK), Fusion (GE) and Danish Vibes in Hamburg. EP Release in November 2015.






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Rest In Beats

Rest in Beats plays electro pop and delivers a deeply original expression with convincing vocals in a hiphop inspired universe.










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Amagerbro Nordvest Production

With their unique electronic sound Amagerbro Nordvest Productions have an unusual twist on hip hop music. Their humoristic yet serious lyrics are refreshingly provocating against mainstrema culture and music. The electronic hiphop-duo consists of “MC Lekkim” (Riforius, Nana Rashid Jazz duo, Mythery) og produceren/live-sampleren “The Deal” (Altmodisch, AKIRI, 180 Grader Virvar). Their album 'Mod Strømmen' (which is danish and translates to 'Against the Current') is released in the spring of 2015.


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marstal:lidell is a Copenhagen-based dream pop duo which uses elements of noise rock, pop and electronics. In 2013 the duo released three EP's in Denmark, and in 2015 they released their debut album in Germany and the rest of the world including an Europe Tour.


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Arvid is a singer and a poet. His debut EP Grand Machine was released February 2014.




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Paula Tebbens

The Berlin-born songwriter Paula Tebbens plays energetic acoustic songs which are at eye level with the listener. She is well-established on the Berlin and Copenhagen songwriter scenes and has played more than two hundred concerts. She is now ready to release her debut Album in the spring of 2015.



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Starchild #2 

starchild #2 is an alias for the Copenhagen-based composer, musician, writer, producer and blogger Henrik Marstal. 'jung/ster' is his debut album as a solo artist. The music is ambient music containing elements from noise rock and electronica. 




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Grapefruit Moon





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