I have developed a concept in the form of a workshop, where employees of companies or organizations compose their own song. The creative playful process opens a new space for cooperation among colleagues. I facilitate songwriting based on the company's identity and record to finish the music on his portable recording studio.


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4 hour workshop of teambuiling and songwriting

10.000 DKK


4 hour workshop of teambuilding and songwriting including a recording of the final product

15.000 DKK


C L I E N T  F E E D B A C K


"It was a very great pleasure to work with you. Anna ran a process as gloriously unpredictable and that gave us a common product. As one of the new employees said afterwards: I think I learned the other in the office much better to know now.

I hope we have the opportunity to work together some other time, because there are so many positive forces in creating music together, even for us as raving amateurs. It was also interesting that we in 4 hours could make a song that we all thought was really good."


Jens Kruhøffer, CEO of NEBULA.


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