ARViD, marstal:lidell, Mammooth & Teenage Love 

28th of September 2014

ON TOUR, italy

3rd of September 2014


Machinedrops ON TOUR, concert in Rome


Machinedrops Production has made a collaboration with the italian concert venue Rialto San Rambrogio for a Scandinavian/Italian event. 

Therefore ARViD, marstal:lidell, Katy Gunn & Teenage love will be playing in Rome the 26th of September 2014 together with the italian band Mamooth and Swedish installation artists.

20th of August 2014


ARViD, interview in national radio P1, Klubværelset


ARViD is in the national radio P1 talking about the spanish utopian city Marinaleda and playing his song 'The Wolves on Wall Street'. Listen here (in danish):

17th of August 2014


Paula Tebbens- Live in King's Garden CPH


Paula Tebbens has a lot of concerts this summer and here is a live video of "Walking past those lines" with Miriam Ariana on violin, Sofie Clausen on contrabass and Jon Bjarnjof on percussion.

The video is shot by Paulius and Joris from "Coordinates Of", a new Copenhagen based filmproject!


Concerts coming up:


20.8. Fairbar, AArhus 

23.8. Festival der leisen Töne, Habichtswald (With "Wasteland Green") 

27.8. Tjili Pop 

28.8. Kayak Bar 

2.9.  Tête, Berlin

25.-27.9. Melodica Festival, AArhus

24 th of March 2014


ARViD - Grand Machine (release of mini-album)


Today Machinedrops Productions is proud to present ARViD's minialbum and a music video for the titel song 'Grand Machine'.


Listen to the mini album on Spotify and iTunes by searching ARViD Grand Machine.


Produced by Anna Lidell

Mixed by Thomas Juth, Elephant Lane Studios

Mastered by Geoff Pesche, Abbey Road Studios

Guitar, bas, mandolin & lap steal: Nikolaj Juel

Trommer: Jesper Lind

Beats: Andreas Olsson

Violin: Gunvor Sihm

Kor: Lea Baastrup Rønne

Additional sounds, guitars, choir, synths & beats: Anna Lidell

Video and cover art work: Simon Fensholm

05th of March 2014


ARViD - Poet Set Me Free (video release out now)


ARViD releases his EP the 24th of March, but here is a video with pictures from the last years recording of the EP. The video displays recordings at Regensen, Copenhagen, with Anna Lidell as the producer and engeneer. Nikolaj Juel plays the bass lines and guitar parts and Gunvor Sihm plays the beautiful string parts. The track is mixed by Thomas Juth in Elephant Lane Studios and mastered by Geoff Pesche in Abbey Road Studios.

The video is edited by Emil Munk.

26th of February 2014


Paula Tebbens - Leave  (video release out now)


The Berlin-born songwriter Paula Tebbens with energetic acoustic songs now releases her single with a video made by by Julia Nimke. The video is filmed in Berlin parks where Paula grew up. The song leave is the single of Paula's EP's 'Walking Past Those Lines' with release the 7th of March 2014.

The song is written and composed by Paula Tebbens

Recorded and produced by Anna Lidell

Mixed and mastered by Flemming Bloch

Paula Tebbens on vocals, backing vocals and guitars

Anna Lidell on electric guitars, piano, percussion, glockenspiel, synth and backing vocals

Jens Kristian Andersen on double bass

Gunvor Sihm on violin

Kristian Krushave Lehm on drums

Recorded at Lidells Lydstudie

Released on machinedrops productions

7th of January 2014


Starchild #2 - jung/ster (debut album out now)


starchild #2 is an alias for the Copenhagen-based composer, musician, writer, producer and blogger Henrik Marstal. 'jung/ster' is his debut album as a solo artist. The music is ambient music containing elements from noise rock and electronica. On the album, Henrik Marstal performs all by himself on piano, cello, zither, ambitronics (noise boxes and effect pedals), baritone guitar, bass and the legendary Moog Taurus-synthbass.


starchild #2 has made two very noticable concert collaborations with ambient remixes of Gustav Mahler (1869-1911) and Erik Satie (1866-1924). The Mahler concerts were performed together with the symphony orchestra Copenhagen Phil. Since 2011, starchild #2 has performed at several festivals in Copenhagen: Strøm, Wundergrund and Athelas New Music Festival.


Marstal calls his music "slow music for fast people", because the many sonorous passages take their time to develop. The title jung/ster refers to the psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung (1875-1961), whose thoughts about interpretation of dreams and the collectivity Marstal have been influenced by.


4th of November 2013


Review of marstal:lidell's third EP in the Danish music magazine Gaffa 


"Once again, marstal:lidell's music is worked out carefully with compositions that nurse the listener. Most of it is made with a profound love for a dreampop-like and the Nordic-spheric, but also with a step into the universe of electronica. 'Machinedrops' is a veritable treat with its drive and its heavy bass beats, which reminds one of a mix between a Gorillaz-creature and the voice of Ane Trolle.", Gaffa Magazine, 4th of November 2013

16th of October 2013


marstal:lidell's single video

'machinedrops' is the title song of the third EP from marstal:lidell. At the same time, it is the title of their production company. Watch the video here. It is made by Sara Samsøe and shot in Portugal.

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