ISTAP is a collaboration between the two film composers Cristina Carlini (IT) and Anna Lidell (DK). Their new single "Your Name" is the title track of the italian produced webseries "Ghost Cam" by Valentina Bertuzzi, nominated at several film festivals like Rio Webfest, Los Angeles CineFest and Roma Webfest. 

The script of “Ghost Cam” is written by the italian noir thriller bestselling author Francesca Bertuzzi, and the music video is in the same vein. With very few but strong elements, the video drags the viewer into another universe of neon colours and undefined affairs. 

After many collaborations throughout the last ten years, the two experienced composers and producers go under the name ISTAP. Istap is a danish word for icicles, since their music is in the genre of nordic electronica. 

Your Name // ISTAP


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