A sound identity increases retention and recognition of a brand by 48% or more in support of the visual brand. Sound offers an extra sense ensuring public recognition of your brand.

A sound identity is the consistent use of a unique sound that matches a company or a brand. A sound logo is always the same - just as a company logo, font or color.



I have developed a sound manual providing guidelines for all nessesary sounds on all possible platforms. At the right you see the four main musical formats:


sound logo


navigation sounds

C L I E N T  F E E D B A C K


"In connection with the launch of our online Entrepreneurship games - Startup Spirits - we needed a recognizable and unique sound identity that could run on multiple platforms: web-site, smart phones, radio spots, etc. From start to final delivery, I can only provide the best recommendations of Anna, since we got what we desired: a very recognizable and unique sound profile, which fully supports the gaming universe that we have created. "

Frank A. Mathiasen, senior project manager, Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab


1) melody, a longer catchy phase that one can sing along with and remember.


2) Sound logo, a short sound expression, typically priviliged in connection with showing a logo or a slogan.


3) Sound scape, a longer discrete piece of sfærisk sounds that can supply videos with speak, waiting music in telephones and background music for conferences ect.


4) Navigation sounds, single sounds that connects to the sound of the company immediately. These sounds can be used on webpages, software or hardware devices.

Example of a sound identity melody for the nordic podcast Frekvens:


The price varies according to the service. A small package is just a sound logo, a melody, a soundscpae or navigation sounds. A middle package is a full sound identity with a sound design manual and a soundbank with all the sounds you ever need. The biggest package is a sound identity together with a workshop before and after the development of the sound identity, to ensure that your company is well integrated in the sound the best way possible. My hourly rate is 750 DKK exl. VAT. Offers can be negotiated.

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